unbusiness 2020 |
voice + video online business course

Creative people approach business differently.

We have unique challenges in our education, support system, and concepts of how to turn what we love into an occupation.

I can help. I’ve made the jump, and helped others too. And I can help you, too.

You can run your business with your standards, and succeed.

Together, we’ll go through the major of running a creative business –

    • getting started & off the ground
    • how to get cash flow going
    • relationships with your family, your customers, & your friends
    • operations like self-care, inventory, licensing, & taxes

Let’s turn your creativity into a lasting business.

Unbusiness 2020 is a 5 month course.

 We review progress weekly, meet with voice + video as a group, do 1 on 1 sessions, and stay in touch daily throughout the course.

With three different pricing levels, you get to choose the level of involvement that works for you. You can do this. Let’s do it together.