“Kelly is a human tuning fork. Strongly recommend for anyone wanting to clear away the mental clutter and emerge with greater clarity.”

personal coaching |

where to start

Most of my clients come to me a bit mixed up – or stuck. Work life, family life, creative life. Family, sex, sobriety. Boundaries, resolutions, and troublesome relationships. A new job; loss of a job.

As the meme says: “Life comes at you hard.”

My clients are usually in touch with their goals and desires, but unsure of how to proceed. They feel frustrated, unsupported, or indecisive.

I can help.

business coaching |

creating, expanding, or strengthening

Makers and entrepreneurs can’t help but create. When we take time away from creating, we suffer. At some point we start bumping into the question: should we professionalize?

The answer is: probably! 

And here’s the good news: this is a very scalable proposition! You don’t have to commit to working 40 to 60 hours a week, to build a stable business!

Let’s get started.

creative coaching |

when you’re in the thick of it

As artisans, we are always creating or dreaming of creating  – for fun or profit, or a sticky mess in between (hello! been there!). The thing is, we have a powerful drive. And let’s get real: this drive isn’t going to dry up, even if we ignore it or get too busy to tend to it. It’s going to keep eating at us. What we need is clarity, support, perspective – and permission. Expansiveness.

I can help you find this – and hold onto it.

Let’s make a date.

Kelly is one of the most enthusiastic coaches with whom I have had the pleasure of working. I cannot recommend her enough as a coach to help you make your crafts into a business that not only makes you money, but helps others, and the planet.”

personal coaching |

you deserve support

If you haven’t had a life coaching session before, you’re in for a treat. A coach is a non-judgmental, supportive professional who is an expert at finding out what makes you tick; what motivates you, what scares you, what nurtures you. A good coach (that’s me!) won’t try to change who you are, bicker over your choices – or worse, “hint” you in the direction you should go.

Instead I provide focused, compassionate, solution-based perspectives and suggestions based on what we unearth in our discovery sessions.

Some of the things my clients and I work on together:

    • work / home life balance

    • boundary-setting

    • fostering healthy relationships

    • personal or professional goals

    • resume-writing and interview preparation

    • mental, emotional, and physical health issues

    • spiritual journeys and self-improvement



For early 2020, I currently offer two packages:

Single sessions ($125/hr, 1 hour minimum); and
a package of 3 sessions ($325)

Which option is right for you?

If you’re new to coaching, I recommend giving yourself three sessions. It takes us a while to get stuck (or confused!) – so it’s smart to give ourselves room to grow and breathe. In between sessions, I’ll be giving you some homework and suggestions. These are all optional – but like any coursework, the more time you spend, the more you will benefit.

If you’ve worked with me before and just need a refresher – the a la carte session might be best for you! If after one session you find you want a little more, you can upgrade to the three session package at no additional charge.

Click through to my scheduler to make your first appointment. I will follow up with an on-boarding email to make sure you know what to expect so you can come to your first session prepared.

Still on the fence?

Scheduling time with a coach is an investment. Maybe you’re still a bit nervous. Or maybe you’re not sure if we’d be a good fit! For the first part of 2020, I offer a gratis consultation. Simply follow me on Instagram, poke around to see if you like what I have on offer, and DM me there to set up your session.

business coaching |

you can do it!

Hey. Hey buddy! Guess what. You and me? We are peas in a pod.

Are you an artisan, skilled maker, writer, or personal provider? 

Do you want to be? 

Would you like to be paid to do what you love most?

Would you like to learn, develop, work with wonderful materials and in fantastic mediums – on someone else’s time?

Have you started, only to run into immediate insurmountable – or ridiculous, or frustrating – problems? Do taxes, finance, licensure and regulations have you nervous? 

Are you still uncertain what to charge? Have you had a few nightmare customer experiences?

I’ve been there!

I built a business “everyone” said couldn’t work – a couture, custom clothing operation in economically-depressed Aberdeen, Washington. I knew I was good at my craft – designing and creating one-of-a-kind garments for discerning clientele. No problem, right? Once everyone saw how great I was, they’d want to work with me.

Except, well no. The clients didn’t come. Even at bargain-rate prices, they were only trickling in. I started getting tempted by those “exposure” offers. You know the ones: “Hey, do this for free – I can’t really pay you, but you’ll get exposure!”

Exposure won’t pay the rent, or fill my fridge.

I got serious about making some changes, and I sought professional coaching services and classes. Everything changed. Within a month my calendar started filling. In fact, I got a little too busy. At that point, overwhelmed and overworked, I made another coaching investment – and tripled my earnings within a month.

A month!

social media how-to
taxes and accounting (yikes! I know!)
work / life balance

pricing and marketing
dealing with lowballers and criticism
customer relationships
work/life balance
cash flow (don’t be scared!)
commitment vs. impulsivity


For business owners, developers, or those sticking their toe in, I highly recommend my 3 session package at $325. It’s the best bargain for the price. It’s an investment – an investment in you, because your time is worth a lot! 

For a la carte coaching, I also offer single sessions at $125/hr, 1 hour minimum). If you find you need more, I’ll let you pay the balance for the three-session package.

Click through to my scheduler to make your first appointment. I will follow up with an on-boarding package to make sure you know what to expect, and come to your first session prepared.

Still not sure?

Scheduling time with a coach is an investment, and if you run a small business (or are trying to start one) things probably feel a bit pinched. You’re in luck! for the first part of 2020, I offer a gratis consultation. Simply follow me on Instagram, and DM me there to set up your session!

I am so excited to help you make your dreams come true!

creative coaching |

can’t stop, won’t stop!

Of all the types of coaching I do, this is my favorite.

And I’m going to get a little personal, here.

Listen – I grew up in an Arts and Sciences family. You were either one – or the other. I was voted “Most Artistic” a time or two in school, but by college I thought I should be on the Science track. I got my first degree in Engineering. Very Big Deal. I was told i was bright; I was told (and my grades reflected) that I was brilliant at advanced math and physics. I was told I should leverage this acumen to make a whole lot of money (and get a little professional prestige).

I got a great job. I loved it. I did well. I won an award and received promotions! I was (once again) the “Teacher’s Pet”. It was great.

Soon, the job wanted about 60 hours of my life a week. By now I had a little baby. I looked at my baby and I thought about it and I told my employer, “No.”

As I set to work raising first one, then two small children, my creative drive didn’t budge: it got stronger. My writing, creating, and coaching took off. When you’re good at something, when you have a drive, you can’t stop doing it. In my case, I wanted more. I wanted to be able to buy materials. I wanted time to create. I wanted to share.

I wanted to grow.

Listen: I was buying art materials and taking that time, even when we were really struggling. I was making that time even when we were served wage garnishment papers and I had to borrow a neighbor’s hose to fill up my toilet tank (the cloth diaper lifestyle)!

I share these details not to turn you off but to say: I get it. 

There are a hundred thousand barriers that keep us from creating. And while some coaches would say, “You have to make the time” I would say, You are going to be making that time, so let’s get real. Let’s get realistic. Let’s get focused.

Let’s get energized!

Some of the things my creative clients and I work on:

imposter syndrome
fear of failure
fear of success
dealing with housework, a fulltime job, or a punishing schedule 
a holistic approach to your creative drive
childcare (or dependent care)
creating while poor
dealing with housework, bills, and responsibilities (how dare they!)
unsupportive family and friends
naysayers, parade-pissers, and critics
social media (to share or not to share? and how much?)
hobbyist groups (online and IRL)


It took hyou a hot minute to get into this mess, and I recommend you give yourself the time to get out of it. I highly recommend starting with my 3 session package for $325. It’s the best bang for the buck. Let’s give your creative drive the chance, and the space, to thrive!

For a la carte coaching, I also offer single sessions at $125/hr, 1 hour minimum. If you like what we accomplish in this session, you can upgrade for two more sessions at the package price.

Click through to my scheduler to make your first appointment. I will follow up with an on-boarding email to make sure you know what to expect, and come to your first session prepared.

Is it worth it?

Paying for coaching is an investment, and if you’re already struggling with your creative drive it might feel like one more thing to stick on the pile of To Do. 

But – you get a free sample! For the first part of 2020, I offer a gratis consultation. Simply follow me on Instagram, and DM me there to set up your session!

I am so excited to help you make your dreams come true!

“I had a coaching session with Kelly and walked away focused, excited, encouraged, and with a clear line of sight to where I wanted to go. Her style is natural and easy.”

full business package |

the whole enchilada!

Starting January 2020 I am offering something special. 

In my early days of business, I lost a great deal of opportunity and wasted time that I didn’t need to. I was having a good time, I was working hard, I was creating – and I was living paycheck-to-paycheck both at a personal and business level. 

I gave away a lot of work for free. For a while there I thought I’d always have to.

In my second year I buckled down and sought coaching services. Everything changed. I raised prices, and my confidence grew. I found easy, intuitive formulas for dealing with difficult customer requests. I made policies I could be clear about, and proud of.

Soon, I was swamped – too much work, and squeamish about raising prices yet again. Once again I sought professional small business services, and enrolled in an intensive course on business-building. My earnings tripled, my schedule relaxed – and I now have a wait list that fills every time I send an email. I reduced bank fees by 500% and created a business savings – that actually has funds in it, today.

Yes, I did this. And I did it without paying a dime for advertising, without working for “exposure”, and without any hard selling tactics. Nothing especially wrong with those three things – they can have their place. My point is that through the benefit of coaching and classes, business grew, it grew fast, and it continues to grow in a way I am proud of every step of the way.

I’m having a fantastic time.

Enough talk. What can I deliver?

This course will:

Pay for itself twice over

Focus your business

Position you for financing, grants, investors, and lenders

Help you grow as a person and entrepreneur

Help you reclaim your time

This intensive takes three months and includes two personalized coaching sessions per month (for a total of six), text and email support, and all the financial and strategic worksheets and outlines you need to build a professional business plan.

You can do as little or as much of the supplied paperwork (for best results: do it all!), but here’s something you need to know: to get the most out of your investment, expect to spend about two hours a week – minimum – in developing your business.

The great news is I guarantee most of your competitors (yes, you have them!) won’t be doing this work. They are busy on the hamster wheel of making, creating, scheduling, canceling. You’re doing the hard work to focus. You’ll have the edge and, more importantly, your business model will work for you. 

Value: $3,000
Cost: $1,500
Financing: available

This three-month course includes the following worksheets, guidelines, and sessions:


    • Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Core Values
    • Website, logo, user experience


    • Who are your competitors? (yes – we all have them)
      – and why do we care?
    • Who are our ideal clients?
    • Why can’t we sell to everyone? (or can we?)


    • Cash flow
    • Balance sheet
    • Profit and loss
    • Cost components


    • Website
    • Social media marketing & followers
    • Email
    • Media/PR
    • Advertising
    • Client testimonials & word-of-mouth
    • Content marketing vs. spam


    • Client avatar, demographics, psychographics
    • Pain points/purchase speedbumps
    • Irresistible Offer Formula
    • Customer retention
    • Difficult customers
    • Contracts
    • Refund policy


    • Sales funnels
    • Networking
    • Affiliates/joint ventures
    • Networking
    • Professional development


    • Equipment
    • Pricing
    • Project management
    • Finance/accounting
    • Invoicing & Payment
    • Licensing & Regulations


    • Check-in (Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Core Values)
    • Cash Flow review
    • Scheduling vacations & creating a support network
    • Launch